Friday, 30 August 2019

DNA Down Under is the place to be

What a wonderful two days, with another to follow tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to learn about DNA for family history at an advanced level. There are still vacancies for tomorrow. Just roll on up to Castle Hill RSL.
We have DNA guru Blaine Bettinger, who is here with his sons, that are a credit to him. They are such polite and well-mannered young men. Our other speakers are also full of knowledge that they’re passing on to an eager audience.
I’m surprised at the proportion of men in the audience, around 25%, compared to about 5% at every other conference I’ve been to. It must be the science aspect that’s the hook for them.
Looking forward to another day of learning tomorrow. Thanks to Alan Philips from Unlock The Past for such a successful event. It’s a large gathering by Australian standards, with almost 400 people per day.

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