Friday, 25 March 2016

A full day's distraction

As someone (can't recall who, sorry) said this morning, a bright shiny object has taken their attention all day, as it did with many of us genies. See Maria's blog post for a list of some more. Here is my breakdown of ancestors by country of origin. I had to expand it to 8 generations (the 8th generation is two columns wide - I should have factored in the extra people before allocating my cells!) to get everyone in that generation being born overseas. I guess that means I'm a 8th generation Australian.

Initially I included names as well, so my head didn't explode. This version has no names, only towns/cities, counties, then just countries.

Then the accountant in me couldn't resist breaking down the numbers in each country, & turn them into percentages.

Ireland 50%
England 45%
Scotland 5%

It was an interesting exercise to compare these percentages to my parents' Ancestry DNA results (mine are still processing and I posted them 3 months ago. My husband's were in the same box and his results came back 10 weeks ago. Go figure). The Irish component was about the same, roughly 50%, Great Britain was 50% in my 8 generations, but only 20% of my (estimated) DNA. Then the DNA results throw in Europe West (16%), Scandinavia (9%), Iberian Peninsula (1%), with the remaining smidgin being Finland/NW Russia, European Jewish, and Europe West. The DNA results obviously go back many more generations of influence than my 300+ years of research results could find records for, although I do know the Jewish person, my ancestor Esther Salamon.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

A full day's work!


  1. 8 generations. Wow - your chart is a winner.

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  3. Love it! Thinking I may go back a few more generations too! It will make it more interesting anyway!

    I can relate to the appeal of statistics too!

    1. Sharon, you've probably got 2 days off work to do it in! Go for it :)