Friday, 4 December 2015

I loved it from the start!

Inside History magazine launched in Nov-Dec 2010, and this month is celebrating that 5 year birthday by giving away 5 subscriptions per day for 5 days. I was thrilled to be the lucky winner of one of those subscriptions. I've subscribed since its launch, so I'm happy-dancing about my win.

The magazine is issued bimonthly, which gives the publishers enough time to pack each issue with so many goodies that us genies love, such as little articles on what people are researching, book reviews and author interviews, as well as Ask our experts, what events are coming up in the family history world, reviews of genealogy apps that might be useful or time-saving for us, newly released datasets from the big companies like, the university libraries, as well as Trove.

Articles about Australian history an genealogy are especially well written, and I always learn something that I didn't know about that time period, looking for my own ancestor's surnames as I read, of course.

As well as this, the magazine is printed on beautiful thick paper, and when it arrives I always smooth my hand over the cover to enjoy the quality feel.

It's available in print and digital format subscriptions, at the newsagent and most big family history events, and hopefully even your local library has it for borrowing. If your library has magazine subscription app called Zinio you might be lucky enough to find it there too.

There is also a Facebook page that links to the magazine, and the website features even more information such as guest blogs, historical articles, author Q&A, and WW1 soldier spotlights.

Thanks to Cassie and Ben Mercer and their team for producing such a fabulous magazine.

If you haven't already read Inside History, give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

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