Tuesday, 7 October 2014

One lovely nomination, and an interview with a Genie Down Under

In early September I was thrilled to be included in Geniaus Jill Ball's nominations for the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks Jill! I haven't had time to nominate others as we've been away for 3 weeks touring NSW in a campervan during the school holidays - travelling 5,000 kilometres!! I'm creating a separate blog for our family travels, which of course includes many cemetery visits, even if none of my people are buried there. The cemeteries I photographed this trip will be coming up on this blog, but the travel photos and maps will be on the new one.

Before we left I was interviewed my the lovely Maria Northcote, who is the genealogical genius behind the Genies Down Under podcasts. Maria's podcasts and blog feature all things genealogical, but with an Australian twist. This particular episode is 39+ minutes long, but my interview doesn't take up the whole amount of time. 

In late October last year Maria and I were lucky enough to be drawn from the ballot to do the Tank Stream Tour beneath the streets of Sydney's CBD . Here is Maria's blog post about the trip.


  1. I enjoyed your interview on Genies Downunder. It was good to learn some more about you and your research..

    1. Thanks Jill :)
      Where have you booked yourself into for Congress? Is it walking distance to the venue? I'm getting ready to book somewhere, but have no clue where to start looking in Canberra.

  2. Crowne Plaza.It's just about the closest. but theree are plenty of options that are ten minute or so walk away - not a drama for a young thing like you.