Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another use for Evernote

I am fairly new to Evernote, and lots of people in the genie community rave about it. So I'm going out of my comfort zone and giving it a try, and it really is awesome. I've been searching for some information from many sources, and the Evernote tagging system comes into its own in situations like this. I just save each email or web page to my Evernote account, tag it with a relevant description, and bingo, it's done. It's then super-easy to search the tags to find related items. You can download the app to smart phones, tablets, and PC's (Macs too, I presume), so all your saved results are available when you're out and about.

Following on from that I've stepped up a notch (in an attempt at being organised) by saving and tagging a bunch of items and search results from the State Records NSW website, so when I'm ready for my next excursion to my version of a Cathedral I'll have all my records in front of me to request, ready for the amazing staff there to pull and have ready and waiting for me. (I love SRNSW. They're like my slaves, only better, because they know sooooooo much.)

So try Evernote, and see if tagging what you've saved makes it easier to retrieve things when you really need them.


  1. Excited that you are loving Evernote. As my memory fails I find Evernote saves my bacon.

  2. Your feelings for State Records NSW are obviously the same as mine for Queensland State Archives! (I heard about your blog from a comment on a photo on Facebook - I forget whether it was from the genealogy cruise or the seminar at Parramatta?)

    1. Hi Judy, yes SRNSW is my cathedral, followed closely by the Mitchell Library. I wasn't on the cruise (I wish!!), but went to the Parramatta event yesterday, which was wonderful. Can't get enough of this stuff!

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    3. In that case, Janelle, I can probably look forward to meeting you at the Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry in Canberra in 2015. :-)