Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Geneablogger Meme: The Book of Me, Written By You – Prompt 2 - Your Birth

Better late than never!!

The Prompt for week 2 - Your Birth

Do you have any baby photos?

Where were you born?
Kurri Kurri District Hospital, in the NSW Hunter Valley

Who was present at your birth?
My Mum & I (obviously!) and Sister Seamer, who was the midwife. Mum couldn't remember her name, but I found it on my birth certificate. The Doctor's name is also there on the certificate, but Mum said he didn't make it in time, so maybe the hospital were following protocol to list his name on the form.


18 inches & 6 lb 1/4 oz in the old money, or 45.72 cm & 2.73 kg.

What day was it? Time?

It was a Wednesday (which presumably makes me full of grace), at 1.15 am. Dad dropped Mum off at the hospital (this was 1968, so fathers were actively discouraged from being there), then went home to sleep. We didn't have the phone on at home then, so a taxi was sent (all of 3.1 km) to tell Dad the good news about his firstborn.

Did you have hair? 

My baby book describes it as "fair red", and I know there wasn't all that much of it.

Eye colour?
Blue. And still blue all these years later.

Are you a twin?

No, but I always wanted one. Not much I can do about it now!!

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