Thursday, 29 August 2013

Beware the postage rates from the NLA

On a bus trip to the State Records Office (NSW) last month I saw a woman with a pin on her lanyard and I got immediate badge-envy and decided I had to have one too. It says I (heart) Trove. I figured the National Library of Australia bookshop would sell it, but it wasn't on their website, so I emailed them to ask about it, and they added it to their online catalogue immediately. I was impressed with their prompt response.

They're only $3 each, so I ordered five of them, with certain friends in mind to send them to, and placed an online order. The postage was $17.00!!!!!!!!!!! For five little badges that would weigh less than a 10c coin each. When I queried this, I was told that they have a flat rate of postage: $7.00 for 1-4 items and $17.00 for 5+ items. This information wasn't anywhere to be found on the order page, only a choice between Parcel Post or Express Post.

Anyone who orders five huge hardcover books would be very pleased to get such good value postage, but for my tiny little things.....not happy, Jan. Next time I might just order four items.

I'll be interested to see how much the postage does actually cost. 

Photo courtesy of NLA bookshop


  1. That is expensive. A 500gm express post pack costs about $11 so even with Handelmy fees that's pricey. But now I have badge envy too

  2. Ouch!! That's very rude! Pity, 'cause it's a great badge!