Sunday, 28 April 2013

Roman toes

Now I doubt that this cartoon doing the rounds of the internet would stand up to the scrutiny of the History Cold Case team (although, maybe they could add it to their repertoire!), it's still a bit of fun. I've methodically and very scientifically surveyed my family (like this: "Hey, what shape are your toes??" followed by a stunned silence) and come up with the following results:

Both of my parents have Roman toes, and so do 3 of their 5 children. The other 2 have Egyptian, even though we don't have anybody that wasn't of English, Irish, or Scottish origin for the past 300 years. So the Romans invading/settling Britain (depends on your perspective I guess, whether you ask the current Aussies or the Aboriginals for example) must have really influenced our feet. How the Egyptian bit got into the mix I have no clue.

My husband also has Egyptian toes, but both our daughters have Roman toes like me. Is one type more genetically dominant??

I wonder if the Egyptians have Egyptian toes and the Italians have Roman toes????

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