Thursday, 17 May 2012

10 More Minutes song by the Genealogy Widower, Michael Stewart

I hope you get as much of a laugh from this song as I did. I dedicate it to all the long-suffering partners out there, the ones who'll wait (or even help!) while we trawl through a cemetery looking for a headstone that's "just got to be here somewhere!"

Here's a link to the song, and below are the lyrics:

10 More Minutes by The Genealogy Widower.
I get home from work to the same routine
I'm the one making dinner, my wife stares at the screen
I'm watching the evening news, she's following up some lead
I say "Lets go to bed?' and she ignores she says
"Ten more minutes, I'll be right there!"
Then four hours pass on by
"Ten more minutes!" She just found something
She'll be staying up all night
When the weekend comes I hope to hit the scenes
But she's in hot pursuit that means she's glued to her seat
There's this great big fire building up in me
I must admit, I want to burn all those shaking leaves
Every time she says...
So we live out the same scene almost everyday
We may be in the same room but she's
miles and miles away
Chorus out

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